Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"New York, a venture" on Indiehometv

It's time to celebrate since finally, after 20 months since the end of its post-production, the movie is available to watch on the new Indiehome TV.
All you have to do is register and enjoy the journey into a Manhattan you've never experienced before.

Colors are flaming memories

A random incident that makes Adam lose every natural and artificial connections to the surrounding world, will be nothing but the first stage of a self-discovery through the darkness of memory. Only the verses of Amy, the enigmatic poetess of Central Park, will eventually enlighten the path of his quest with the Flames of a Vision that once split two lives, and now is about to reunite them in the cleansing whiteness of a stocking cap.

Directed, written and edited by Alessandro Fantini
Cinematography and special effects by Alessandro Fantini
Music by Alessandro Fantini

Adam Clairfield: Craig Williams
Amy Bolnes: Kyrie Elieson
The lady of Central Park: Karen Goldfarb
The lunatic of Central Park: Henrik Kim Rehr
The first runner: Vincenzo Fantasia
The second runner: Said Raissi
Kevin Alcott: AFan Alessandro Fantini
Camera assistant at the Central Park Zoo: Lincoln Athas
Dialogue consultant: Craig Williams

Filmed in New Jersey and New York City from June to July 2014.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Shakespeare's death anniversary

I've always been fascinated by the character of Macbeth since the first time I read and watched the Shakespeare's play in my adolescence. Therefore I thought the best way to celebrate the Shakespeare's 400th death anniversary was playing my favourite lines from the fifth act.

Directed and edited by Alessandro Fantini.
Music by Alessandro Fantini.

Monday, April 11, 2016

AFAN&ARIANA - Gartenmares


Gartenmares (from the new AFAN Alessandro Fantini's album "Antalgica")

 Composed, performed and mixed by AFAN Alessandro Fantini.
 Vocals by Ariana aka Anna Vihonen and AFAN Alessandro Fantini. 
Lyrics by Alessandro Fantini and Anna Vihonen. 
Artwork by AFAN Alessandro Fantini. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Heart of Noise part 2

Last September I've drawn a pencil portrait of Jean-Michel Jarre placed on the motherboard of a synthesizer powered by an electric heart,four months before the title of the second volume of "Electronica" project was revealed.
This sort of poetic precognition convinced me that the portrait absolutely needed to be complemented by a visual story following the pace and mood of the eponymous track "The Heart of Noise part 2", involving a tribute to Luigi Russolo's "intonarumori" and some subtle hints to the Jarre's musical realm.
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed being inspired by this new track merging old and new Jarre's sound.

Jean Michel Jarre - "The Heart of Noise part 2"

Video conceived, directed and edited by AFAN Alessandro Fantini.
Animations and drawings by AFAN Alessandro Fantini.
"The Heart of Noise part 2" composed and produced by Jean Michel Jarre
(from the upcoming album "Electronica 2: THe Heart of Noise").
Columbia records (2016)
 All rights reserved.
Video by AFAN Alessandro Fantini (2016).

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Secreted by the multimedianic realm of the multifaceted artist AFAN Alessandro Fantini (painter, filmmaker, writer, composer), the AFANdress brand offers a daring interpretation of fashion and gadgetry useful for undressing your most unfathomable moods.